Monitoring Systems

ICU tech offers you monitoring systems, which make your work easier and give you the quality you need.

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The ICU tech monitoring and ICU tech WebLog support you in quality management and can be adapted to your requirements.

Our systems automatically collect parameters from different types of wired and wireless sensors. The data can be gathered from rooms or even devices such as fridges or incubators. If the predefined thresholds exceed, the system will generate an alarm immediately. Depending on the product, a notification will be sent via SMS, e-mail, flashing light or sound signal.

Wireless communication enables the centralized monitoring. All measurements and system settings are stored in the cloud backup. Reports from previous evaluations can be generated in various formats at any time. Depending on the system, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), pressure, air pollution level and other parameters can be measured.


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Both systems are based on the same platform, however there are some differences shown below. Client can choose the system which is convenient for his company.